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Winter? Bah Humbug!

Let’s be honest…as much as we adore our “Water Winter Wonderland” state of Michigan, it gets really cold up here! Couple that with shorter days, bitter winds and this season, one winter storm after another and you could come down with a serious case of the winter blues.

At Global Office Solutions, we have a guide that will help fight off those “bah humbug” moments. And you won’t even need your boxing gloves…

Get Some Fresh Air

Chicken soup may be good for the soul on a cold winter’s day but so is crisp, cool, clean air. Staying cooped up inside is sure to bring anyone down after a while. The recirculation of the air and the dry heat not only stuff up your sinuses but can bring down your mood. So choose a nice sunny, winter day and step outside. And if we get another one of those snow storms, grab a sled!

Call on Your Inner Child

Age is just a number. We promise! Sometimes, when the days are short and the nights are long we can get very bored and just muddle through our days. When you are feeling like that, it’s time to channel your inner child. Go ice skating, have a snowball fight, make S’mores on your stove, watch a cartoon or two.

Paint the Walls

Stuck inside? What better time than now to get out that paint and finish painting those rooms you have not been able to get to for the past several year. Choose warm, bright colors. They not only reflect sunlight during any season but bring happy thoughts to the mind.

Stay Healthy

Seriously… there is NOTHING worse than getting sick in the middle of winter. Even getting all bundled up to go to the doctors can feel impossible. So, do everything you can to ward off those nasty germs this winter. Eat healthy, take vitamins supplements like Zinc, Vitamin D and B vitamins to boost your immune systems. Keep hand sanitizing products in reach. You never know when you will need them. In fact, many common office supply items are even antimicrobial. Here are some of our favorites:


Gojo PURELL Personal Pump Instant Hand Sanitizer
Gojo PURELL Personal Pump Instant Hand Sanitizer
Softsoap Antibacterial Hand Soap
Softsoap Antibacterial Hand Soap
Stanley-Bostitch Faith Antimicrobial Exec Standup Stapler
Stanley-Bostitch Faith Antimicrobial Exec Standup Stapler
Fellowes Antimicrobial Custom Keyguard Cover Kit
Fellowes Antimicrobial Custom Keyguard Cover Kit


Get a Massage

Aaahhhhh… just a little to the left… Getting a massage can relax those tired muscles calm the mind, ad remove toxins from the body. You can thank us for the advice later.

See the Light

The absence of mod enhancing and brain stimulating light can leave us all feeling grumpy. Start by espousing yourself to sunlight as soon as you can in the morning and throughout the day. On cloudy days, or days when you are stuck inside think about investing in a light box. They simulate the sun’s natural rays, emitting 2,500 to 10,000 lux (a normal light fixture emits 250 to 500 lux), and work by reducing the release of melatonin in the brain.

Go with the Flow

It is time to accept the season. Winter may be known as a time to be dormant and start allowing ourselves and Mother Nature to reset for the spring, but it certainly is beautiful in many ways. From the cool, crisp clean air that descends upon us, to the blankets of snow, it’s awe inspiring. And if that doesn’t get you smiling just think about the Holidays, big cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows and roaring fires. Yeah, that did the trick!

  • 23 Dec, 2013
  • Reuben Levy

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